Our Newest Addition; The Peddinghaus Advantage 2 Beam Drill/Saw Line which is one of the fastest solutions on today’s market for structural steel processing. The Advantage 2 Drill Line offers powerful spindle capabilities that surpass others available on today’s market. By combining sophisticated Siemens electronics, heavy duty carbide drilling, and superior feedback, the Advantage 2 drill spindle is more versatile, accurate and more efficient than all others before. In tandem with the Advantage 2 Drill Line we have incorporated the Peddinghaus Dg1100 Miter Series Saw, which delivers fast, accurate cutting up to 360 degrees in two directions of miter. The 1100 Miter Series saw employs Speed Sawing technology that guarantees rapid sawing – with no operator intervention – and no flood coolant residue to impede paint quality/adhesion.